International students


Improving international students’ ability to converse and communicate

As we welcome students from around the world, St. John’s Northwestern recognizes the importance of providing support in speaking, reading and writing English. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program helps students advance their skills, and offers academic support.

Start with an assessment when you arrive

An online assessment in listening, speaking, reading and writing English helps us place newly arrived international students at the correct academic level. We monitor the student’s progress with three follow-up assessments throughout the school year.

Enjoy a two-week newcomer course

Our ESL Summer Enrichment Camp is held every August for two weeks. New international students get to know each other and the campus while taking ESL classes during the day. After class, there’s time to join in sports and enjoy local excursions and field trips to popular Milwaukee-area destinations.

Click here for more information on our ESL Enrichment Camp.

Take ESL classes during the academic year

International students with advanced English proficiency may be placed in traditional English classes. Students with beginning and intermediate English skills are guided toward ESL classes led by certified ESL teachers. Individual attention allows students to advance their reading, writing, communication and academic performance. Students who progress in language acquisition, especially in academic reading and writing, may transfer to regular English classes.