The Academy understands the importance of keeping parents and guardians informed and involved with their child’s academic progress, study habits, achievements and extracurricular activities. Various methods are utilized to communicate with parents and guardians.

SJNMA Parents Club

SJNA Parents Club offers support to cadets through activities that strengthen the Academy and enrich the educational and living experiences of the students. All parents and guardians are members. Help us get to know you by completing the Annual Membership Form online through Family Portal. We rely on the help and financial support of all members.

Parents Club meetings and activities are on the SJNA calendar located online.

SJNA Parents Club

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The Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is available here as well as on the Facts Family Portal. It includes key dates and times that are important to student life on campus, such as closed (no leave) weekends, campus and community parades, holiday breaks and promotion and award ceremonies.


St. John’s Northwestern’s weekly e-newsletter featuring timely reminders of upcoming academy events, updates, achievements and life on campus.

Family Portal

The portal which includes student-specific information and forms from the academic office, faculty, the resident life office and more. To log into the family portal please use the button below.

The Beacon

The Beacon magazine is published twice a year for and about the community of St. John’s Northwestern Academies. To view the online version of The Beacon, click below.


SmugMug hosts St. John’s Northwestern Academies’ photo gallery. To log into the photo gallery, please click here.

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