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This is you: Influential. Perceptive. Proud.

See how your talents and passions fit into an ever-changing global workforce. St. John’s Northwestern Prefect Academy combines four years of college preparatory courses and coaching with innovative, experiential learning to prepare you as a true global citizen. Join a diverse group of peers to advance your capabilities and learn to lead from the inside out.

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Shape character and increase knowledge in a student-led model

The Prefect Academy offers individualized instruction, with the opportunity for advanced placement and dual-credit courses. Our prefect model is based on student self-governance, with ample leadership opportunities. Spiritual growth draws on our Episcopalian roots while respecting all faiths.

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Achieve your best, inspired by key values

Along with the four pillars of St. John’s Northwestern education, Prefect Academy values are based on four principles.

Character: Explore moral knowing, moral feelings, and moral actions

Leading self: Know the importance of a proactive mindset, personal mastery and continuous learning

Leading others: Understand the power of influence and relationships, and the difference between individual and group learning

Leading to serve: Connect all you’ve learned to serve for a higher purpose, bringing about change as you give back and pay forward

Create a better future for yourself and the world

Your Prefect Academy experience follows a proprietary, carefully designed sequence, guiding you to understand and practice leadership of self, others and society.

Year 1: Foundations of Leadership

Examine leadership theory and evaluate the effectiveness of various leadership models throughout history. Use the knowledge you gain to create your personal mission statement and leadership vision.

Year 2: Leadership and Learning

Study the science of learning, applied to individuals and organizations. Engage in team learning to enhance your ability to maximize potential for yourself, groups and social systems.

Year 3: Leadership and Service

Develop a philosophy of service as you strengthen your capacity for transformational leadership. Explore social justice issues, practice critical analysis and further your sense of moral purpose.

Year 4: Leadership Capstone

Propose, develop and conduct your own service leadership project, guided by a faculty advisor. Present what you accomplish and what you’ve learned to the school and the community.