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A dozen or more countries are represented at our school each year

Students come to St. John’s Northwestern from Mexico, China, South Korea, Australia, India, Uganda, Lebanon… all around the world, connecting our campus to a global society. We welcome these students as full participants, flying their country’s flag in our dining hall along with the state flags of our U.S. students. Living and learning side by side, all students become family.


Gain valuable cultural experience

Classroom and off-campus activities immerse international students in U.S. culture allowing them to gain knowledge and insights that help prepare them for college and international business opportunities. We also appreciate the opportunity to learn about your own culture; it’s an important part of the St. John’s Northwestern experience.

Work with staff who know visa requirements

Our admissions team guides international students through the requirements for traveling to and studying in the U.S. We can explain the latest visa, passport and insurance requirements, and direct you through each step.

Improve proficiency through ESL offering

Our English as a Second Language program strengthens social and academic English skills. Learn more about ESL classes and expectations.

*The cut-off date to register for ESL 2022 is July 31!

Contact our Admissions Team with any questions:

Call us at 262-646-7199 or 1-800-752-2338

Email us at

Enjoy a family environment with homestays

For students who don’t have the option to travel to their home country during school breaks, we arrange homestays with local families. It’s a great way to experience life outside St. John’s Northwestern. Many students develop long-term friendships with their host families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the general expectations the same for international students?

Yes. All cadets and students are held accountable for their actions and behavior on and off campus. All are expected to seek to understand and follow guidelines of The Standard, our student handbook.

Are international students expected to do the same class work as other students?

Yes and no. International students can expect to learn the same academic content while still having their needs accommodated. The academic content may be modified based on the student’s proficiency in English.

Are international students assessed on their English language proficiency?

Yes. Upon arrival at St. John’s Northwestern, international students take an online assessment in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. We use the results to ensure correct academic class placements. Progress in English is evaluated at intervals throughout the academic year. Learn more about ESL classes and expectations.