In-House ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP Tests National Testing Preparation

Testing and Support Center

St. John’s Northwestern Academies provides your son or daughter with monthly opportunities to take ACT and SAT tests throughout the academic year, right in the comfort of their own classrooms without having to travel to other locations. In addition to standardized tests for college admission, we also provide opportunities for students to take AP Tests in various subjects to qualify for college credit and the ASVAB for career and vocational possibilities. We improve their testing confidence and stamina with test prep classes, resources, and counseling.

In-House Testing Offered Throughout the Year

St. John’s Northwestern Academies provides mandatory standardized tests during the regular academic school day for each grade level, starting in the 8th grade. While we require one standardized test per year for each grade level, we offer our students various testing opportunities throughout the academic year.

8th Graders

  • PreACT 8/9 – Required

Freshmen (Grade 9)

  • PreACT 8/9 – Required
  • AP Tests (if applicable)

Sophomores (Grade 10)

  • PreACT – Required
  • AP Tests (if applicable)

Juniors (Grade 11)

  • ACT with Writing – Required
  • ASVAB – Required
  • AP Tests (if applicable)

Seniors (Grade 12)

  • ACT – Optional
  • ACT with Writing – Optional
  • SAT – Optional
  • ASVAB – Optional
  • AP Tests (if applicable)

Test Preparation Classes

We offer one-semester, 0.5 credit courses for test preparation for both the ACT and SAT. Our courses are designed to help students develop confidence and stamina in the standardized test-taking process. Students will work to improve scores in preparation for applying to college. Working from real SATs and ACTs, and specially designed testing materials, students are given all the tools and skills necessary to raise their scores, and they will be provided with ample time to practice with these tools in simulated testing conditions throughout the semester course.

Self-Paced Test Prep

Each SJNA student is provided a free membership to Methodize Test Prep for online practice and to monitor growth and improvement. Methodize is a learning platform that empowers students to learn by using custom-built courses that consist of evaluation tests, lessons, quizzes, tests, and a vocabulary builder. Throughout the program, students are exposed to “college-level” vocabulary found in reading passages of the ACT and SAT. Unlike a paper test, each quiz and test in Methodize provides a detailed explanation (written and video) of the correct answers, all in an effort to help students increase aptitude, strategy, stamina, and content knowledge.

The ACT and SAT courses provide a comprehensive overview of the most effective strategies and most relevant content for raising scores. In addition to self-paced options, it also offers robust features for teachers looking to improve their students’ ACT and SAT skills and performance in all core subjects. Each module incorporates quizzes, evaluation tests and full-length tests. Resources include review packets, teacher and student user guides, presentations and videos.

2023-2024 Testing Schedule

School Day Tests and Dates

Test DateTestGrade LevelPayment
October 17ACT – No WritingSophomores
Optional – By Sign-Up Only
Discounted Price!
November 14ASVAB – FallJuniors
Required for students in College and Career Planning
March 12ACT with Writing
Pre-ACT 8/9
Freshmen, 7th and 8th Graders
Required for All Students, Grades 7-11
April 9ASVAB – SpringJuniors
Required for students in College and Career Planning

SAT Saturday Testing

To register for the SAT, please go to

Registration DeadlineSaturday Testing Date
July 28August 26 (paper)
October 5November 4 (paper)
November 2December 2 (paper)
February 23March 9 (digital)
April 19May 4 (digital)
Regular Registration – $55

ACT Saturday Testing

To register for the ACT, please go to

Registration DeadlineSaturday Testing Date
September 22October 28 (paper)
November 3December 9 (paper)
January 5February 10
March 8April 13
Regular Registration w/ Writing – $85.
No Writing – $60.

Contact us!

If you have questions regarding testing at SJNA, please contact our in-house testing coordinator, Ms. Montgomery, in room 204 or via email at