Barracks & Residential Hall
Refurbishment Campaign


Campaign Overview

The journey which began in 2019 to improve the living quarters of our students in all three barracks and resident halls is nearing completion. Hendricks Commercial Properties invested approximately $3.5M into the refurbishment of DeKoven, Smythe, and Scott Johnston Halls. The total project cost is over $4.0M and SJNA has agreed to raise the final $500,000 to support the much-needed room furnishings upgrades.

With approximately 175 rooms throughout all three buildings with an additional 4 lounge areas, refurbishment began in September 2023. These upgrades remain on schedule and anticipated delivery will be in May 2024.

With your support, we can bring this effort to a successful conclusion and greatly improve our facilities that provide a better standard for our students' health and well-being.

Learn More through these Testimonials

It's one thing to hear from us. It's quite another to learn more from parents, alumni, and students. Over the course of this campaign, we will be providing testimonials about the refurbishment and adding them here to provide you with the clarity as to "why" this is worthy of your investment.

Before & After

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Sponsorship Levels

All contributions are welcome. Every dollar goes a long way towards creating a more comfortable and safer home away from home for our students.

With a $5,000 contribution, the donor will have the ability to be recognized with a unique plaque outside the room of their choosing. In addition, with a $5,000 contribution, families can secure preferred room placement for their students during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Additionally, with a $25,000 contribution, the donor(s) will have the ability to be recognized with a plaque outside the lounge of their choosing. There are four lounges available for sponsorship.

Our Goal | $500,000


Ways to Give

Gifts can be received via cash, check, credit card, wire transfer, or stock transfer. Pertinent information related to giving methods for the this campaign will be found online.