Tuition & Fees

St. John's Northwestern Academies provides a variety of enrollment & financial aid options to help you make the choice that's perfect for your family.


Invest for the Future

We believe all young men and women deserve an exceptional education to maximize their potential. Financing a SJNA education is a major investment in your child’s future. Parents choose SJNA because of its academic and signature programs, diverse community, personalized attention with small class sizes, and superior faculty and coaches.

Tuition Rates & Financial Aid

SJNA recognizes that every family’s financial picture looks different, and we are committed to providing a thorough review of every applicant’s individual circumstances. Financial aid is awarded to eligible students based on need and availability of funds. It is SJNA’s expectation that families contribute to the cost of their child’s education at the highest level they are able.

Tuition & Fees are adjusted annually. (Prices Shown are 2024-25)

Be sure to ask about the sibling discount.

5-Day | $39,900

7-Day | $49,100


$56,300 (Includes Insurance)


Payment Options

We understand that a private education requires a significant financial commitment from families. SJNA offers four payment plans for families seeking additional flexibility. To enroll in a payment plan, we require a non-refundable $5,000 deposit and a $200 enrollment fee.

Full Payment Plan Breakdown

Full balance (after deposit) due by July 1 or when enrolled.

Payment plan fee of $500; 60% of balance (after deposit) due July 1, 40% of balance after deposit due October 1

Payment plan fee of $800; 25% of balance (after deposit) due by July 1, October 1, January 1, and March 1

DAY STUDENTS ONLY: Payment plan fee of $1,100; 10% of balance (after deposit) due every Monday starting July 1 through April 1

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Create a Flywire account HERE using your [SCHOOL NAME] email address and entering the required information. You will receive a second email to “Verify Your Email Address” and complete the setup by entering your name and school ID.
2. Select the desired plan option. Note: a $XX plan enrollment fee will be added to the balance.
3. Alternatively, you may opt to ‘Make a one-time payment’ to pay your balance in full.
4. Enter the total balance you want to create a plan for.
5. The first installment + $XX plan enrollment fee will be due immediately to activate the payment plan.
6. Follow the steps shown to select your country and payment method and complete the transaction by transferring the funds to Flywire.
7. You will receive email updates and notifications about your payment.
8. For consecutive installments, you will be notified via email to return to the site to complete your remaining payments.

  • Regardless of the date of enrollment or re-enrollment, if any payment plan is selected, the family is responsible for all retroactive payments due starting July 1.
  • If a family chooses a payment plan, a flat fee will be required.
  • Current students cannot be re-enrolled until the previous year’s tuition is paid
  • Late payment and credit card fees will be applied

What's Included

(Including Day Students)

  • Weekday lunches
  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Team Participation
  • Access to infirmary for routine nursing and medication dispensing
  • SJNA required in-house Standardized Testing
  • Academic Support and Tutoring
  • Guidance Counseling
  • College and Career Counseling
  • Pastoral Counseling

Only in the 7-Day Package:

  • 7-Day Room and Board
  • Weekday lunches
  • All weekend and weekday breakfasts and dinners
  • Brunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Laundry Service

Only for 5-Day Packages:

  • Room and Board, Monday – Friday
  • Breakfast and Dinner, Monday – Thursday
  • Weekday lunches

Fees and Incidentals Not Included in Tuition

STUDENT INCIDENTAL ACCOUNT: The student incidental account is mandatory for all 7-Day and 5-Day boarding students and is used for all charges for your child. It may be replenished by VISA, MC or AMEX (with 3% fee), check or cash, when the balance is low. Once the balance is down to $25, the student’s ability to charge will be suspended until the account is replenished.

  • New Boarding Students = $5,000, from which the uniform fee will be deducted
  • Returning Boarding Students = $2,500


  • Uniforms
  • Uniform mending or replacement of uniform items
  • Dry cleaning and dry cleaning bags
  • Haircuts
  • Transportation, taxis, Uber drivers
  • Field trips
  • Doctor’s appointments, ER visits, prescriptions
  • Campus Store purchases
  • Vending machines and senior concessions
  • Mouso Hall purchases
  • Room key replacements
  • Academy pictures
  • AP and optional test fees (such as optional weekend ACT or SAT testing)
  • Dual enrollment course fees if taken for college credit
  • On and off campus social activities – prices vary depending on activity and is charged to the student incidental account
  • Fees for sports/clubs not in the WIAA
  • Ancillary athletic gear
  • School supplies and toiletries
  • Workbooks, novels, online access to textbooks/workbooks (mostly needed for Language and English classes)
  • Homestay fees for international students – $50 per day for the duration of the break


If you would like to discuss any areas of tuition or the enrollment process, please fill out an inquiry below or get started on your application! We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you might have.



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