Discover Careers in Aviation

In addition to training students towards their private pilot license, our Aviation Program exposes students to the career possibilities within aviation, including Aeronautical Engineering, Commercial Piloting, Airport Management, Aerospace Medicine, and other STEM fields, in addition to ground school and flying hours.

Earn Your Private Pilot License

Our comprehensive 15-week course is offered through Wisconsin Aviation and thoroughly prepares students to satisfy the mandatory requirement of passing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) knowledge exam for private pilot certification. This course is targeted for secondary and post-secondary students that have an interest in pursuing a career in aviation and aerospace industry. This course is particularly targeted for students seeking to obtain a private pilot license, career in airport management and or a degree in aeronautics. Emphasis on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers will be covered.

Requirements for Obtaining a Private Pilot’s License are:

  1. Pass the FAA Private Pilot written exam with a minimum passing score of 70%. (This course prepares the student for this requirement).
  2. Minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction (20 hours of which is dual instruction)
  3. Pass an oral exam with a designated FAA examiner
  4. Pass a flight exam administered by a designated FAA examiner. (This requirement is completed with the student receiving flight instruction through Wisconsin Aviation at various local airports.
  5. Be at least 17 years old.

Successful completion of this course will prepare and authorize the student to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) knowledge examination with a mandatory minimum passing score of 70%. This will not be a part of the final grade. However, students will be strongly encouraged to take the exam.

Click HERE for the Private Pilot Ground School Syllabus.

Major Objectives

To prepare students for a beginning career in aviation and provides a comprehensive background in aviation and aerospace education. Students will development an understanding and appreciation of:

  • Airplane Components and Aerodynamics Principles
  • Forces of Flight
  • Airplane Instruments and Systems of Operation
  • Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance
  • Aviation Weather/Meteorology
  • Cross Country Planning and Navigation
  • National Aerospace System
  • Federal Aviation Administration Regulations
  • Aviation and Aerospace History
  • Aerospace Medical Factors
  • Airport Management
  • Communications

Meet Your Flight Instructor

Charles E. Allen, MD is a retired Air Force Officer, (Major, KC 135 Tanker Pilot, 23 combat flights during the Gulf War), a retired family practice physician and former project director for UW-Milwaukee (UWM) Veterans Upward Bound (VUB). He currently is an associate lecturer of chemistry-biochemistry at UWM and national director of education, training, and mental health for the National Association For Black Veterans (NABVETS), headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Allen has over 45 years of teaching experience in both secondary and post-secondary institutions. Dr. Allen is a certified flight Instructor (CFI), serving as the chief pilot for New Beginnings Aviation Ministry and training officer for Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol.

Fees – The cost for our ground school cohort is $1,500 for the one semester course. NOTE – All flight training at Wisconsin Aviation will be billed separately and paid directly to Wisconsin Aviation.

For more information, please call the Academic Office at 262-646-7126 or email academicoffice@sjnacademies.org.