Students in Raiders school

August 4-12, 2024 Raider School

Raider Up!

The Raider experience is designed to give young men and women in grades 7-12 the opportunity to expand their knowledge, self-confidence, and develop themselves both individually and as a member of a team. Raider School will allow them to stretch their physical, emotional and mental limits by operating outside their normal comfort zone. 2024 Dates are August 4-12.

Prices: Returners & Enrolled Students: $975 | New Participants $1,100

We believe there is no such thing as tough. You are either trained or untrained.

Students also prepare for the opportunity to earn a place on the Raider Challenge Team, open to grades 9-12 during the academic year. This team competes against hundreds of others at the regional and national levels. Non-SJNA participants will be better qualified for their school’s team. Training will include knots, climbing/rappelling, rope bridge, land nav/map skills, first aid, physical conditioning, a Raider skills course, obstacle course, ruck run, water survival and more.

A Raider is mentally tough, physically fit, morally strong, composed and confident, resilient, always influencing, always operating and always improving.


Participants can expect to carry a 35 lb. pack over rugged terrain and obstacles in varied weather conditions.

Approximately 25-30 mile run/walks will be covered throughout the Raider experience at varied elevations.

Participants must be physically fit and able to sustain continual exertion.

Note: There will be “beginners” levels training for those close, but not able to pass a fitness test.