COVID-19: Good News!

November 18, 2020

Dear SJNA Community,

GOOD NEWS!!!! After 30 cases of COVID among our campus population, I am happy to report that our quarantine and isolation rooms are finally empty! Thank you for cooperating with our current lockdown measures. Although it’s been challenging, it has culminated in the desired result – healthy kids eager to spend time with their families for a well-deserved break.

With the Thanksgiving recess beginning on Friday, we are planning for a 4 pm start time for pick up. If you have any concerns or need to pick up your Cadet or Student prior to that time, we ask that you send an email to to make those arrangements. We are still observing lockdown procedures, so if you are coming to campus for a pick up, we ask that you wait outside of the Barracks/Residence Halls. When you arrive, your child will sign out with the Resident Life Department prior to departure. This helps to ensure accountability.

MORE GOOD NEWS!!!! We are proud of all of our students who are distance learning at home during the lockdown! Mrs. Ihler recently asked the teachers,  “Who is rocking distance learning from home right now?” Read the attached document for the teacher shout-outs to some of our FANTASTIC distance learning students!!!

Thank you for all of the families who have signed and returned the Distance Learning Expectations Agreement. If you have not done so already, please sign and return the agreement to:


  • Friday, November 20, marks the middle of our second quarter. Families and students will receive their second quarter progress reports the week of November 23rd.
  • As a reminder, the second quarter ends on Friday, January 15. Semester one final exams will take place from January 18 to January 21.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Please enjoy this time of rest and gratitude with your Cadets and Students!!

Should you have any questions, your child’s Resident Faculty Officer/Resident Advisor is ready to answer them at the contact information listed below.


CSM Eric David
Dean of Student Life / Commandant of Cadets 

Stephanie Ihler
Academic Dean

Military Academy

Alpha Company
Staff Sergeant (USAF) Austin McDaniel

Mr. AJ Otto

Bravo Company
Master Chief (US Coast Guard) Brian Fuller

Leadership Academy

DeKoven Hall
Mr. John Gavlick
262-646-7248 (morning)
262-646-7260 (afternoon)

First Sergeant (Army) Michael Black
262-646-7248 55

Mr. Brandon LaVictor

Military and Leadership Academy

Smythe Hall
Ms. Deb Toth