Timeline for 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 School Events

May 1, 2020

Timeline Pertaining to 2019/2020 Year-End and 2020/2021 School Year Events

The end of the school year is fast approaching! It is hard to believe that the school year unlike no other will conclude in a mere three week’s time. In this announcement, you will find details on all of our year-end activities, and 2020/2021 school year opening events.


The official end of the 2019-2020 school year is Friday, May 22. At this time, all final, outstanding student work must be completed by 3:00 p.m. Teachers will communicate all final projects, tests, or assignments no later than Monday, May 11. Report cards will be sent the week of June 1.


At this time, Summer Academic OPS is scheduled for June 28 to August 1; however, as the COVID-19 situation evolves, this may be adjusted. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Raider School is scheduled to take place August 10-18, 2020. Previously it was scheduled to end on August 19.


We are in the planning stages for next year’s Military and Leadership Academies. Both academies will have leadership opportunities for your students. See the Cadre information below.

As you make class selections for next year, please include the student’s preference. All high school Leadership Academy students must take Foundations of Leadership sometime next year.


Leadership Cadre School is for those students interested in a leadership position in either the Military or Leadership Academy. Cadre will run from August 18 through August 25 and follow a different format to provide a better, more comprehensive leadership training experience.

Invitations to Cadre will be sent by May 18. This year, all current 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade cadets in good standing are invited to attend Cadre. Check-in for all participants will occur on Sunday, August 18, with a completion date of Tuesday, August 25.

RSVPs to attend Cadre must be submitted by the end of the day on July 10 to reserve your spot.  Please remember the invitation to Cadre is not a promise of a Leadership Position. The awarding of an actual Leadership Position for the school year in either the Military or Leadership Academy is only through proving oneself and merit during the course.


Heidi Beck Curtes, College Counselor, will offer a Google Meet meeting for students, parents, and guardians for all grade levels. The schedule is (Central Standard TIme):

  • 5/11 @2:30-3:00 pm 7th and 8th grade
  • 5/12 @2:30-3:00 pm 9th grade
  • 5/13 @2:30-3:00 pm 10th grade
  • 5/14 @2:30-3:00 pm 11th grade

Please watch your email for the Google Meet invitations. If you prefer an individual conference with Mrs. Beck Curtes to discuss your child’s direction and changes in higher education, please email Heidi, and she will be more than happy to meet with you via phone call, FaceTime, or Google Meet. Her contact information is hbeck@sjnma.org.


On May 23, we will recognize the Class of 2020 graduates through a virtual graduation ceremony. The tentative summer date for on-campus commencement activities is July 25. We will send an invitation with details in the next few weeks.

We will also recognize our middle school and underclass cadets who have worked hard this year and earned awards. More details on all these events will be forthcoming.


All seniors must send their final college selection to Mrs. Beck Curtes so we can send final transcripts. Regarding transcripts, please see the section below.

The sjnma.org email accounts for seniors will be disabled in mid to late June. Seniors should provide a personal email account to the academic office so we can relay important information that comes up. Send to academicoffice@sjnma.org. Be sure to forward to another email any vital information you have in your SJNMA email, such as college account information, etc.

International senior students requiring their I90s to transfer to their future schools must contact either or both Mrs. Beck Curtes, hbeck@sjnma.org, and Mrs. Rutherford, jrutherford@sjnma.org.


Final transcripts will be available in early June. Seniors need to communicate with Mrs. Beck Curtes hbeck@sjnma.org for her to send your official final transcript to the school that you will be attending in fall. Please send all other transcript requests to lahlgren@sjnma.org.

If Mexican students require a transcript with Apostille (certification from the State of Wisconsin), please send a request to lahlgren@sjnma.org. This year apostilles will take longer to process, probably 4-6 weeks. We will automatically process senior transcripts and diplomas with the Apostille.

If a student took college courses here and wants to transfer those college credits to his/her new college, you must order transcripts through UWM. Use this link to order transcripts https://www.credentials-inc.com/tplus/?ALUMTRO003896.

2020-2021 CALENDAR 

The Academy calendar is on the Academy’s website. All dates/activities are subject to change. Anticipated fall start dates:

  • ESL Enrichment – Wednesday, August 12
  • Football players report August 3
  • Raider School participants report August 10
  • Soccer players report August 17
  • Cross Country participants report August 17
  • Leadership Cadre Training report August 18
  • Final Registration – all students report August 25


At present, the Academy is still closed for general purposes due to COVID-19 restrictions placed on all businesses and schools under the State of Wisconsin Safer at Home Order. Therefore, until that is lifted or modified, we are unable to have cadets and their families return to campus for personal belongings retrieval. Once that order is changed or no longer applies, we will allow cadets and families to return on an appointment basis. The Resident Life Department will arrange the appointments. Exact instructions on how to make these appointments will be issued once the State of WI allows the resumption of business.


The Yearbook Committee is looking for “at home” pictures of cadets studying, hanging with family, or doing something fun. Send photos to yearbook@sjnma.org or upload them to the Jostens RePlayIt app by May 17.

All yearbook orders are due by May 29. No extra copies will be available for purchase later! The yearbook is a 140 page, full-color book for only $95.00. To confirm if you previously placed an order, email yearbook@sjnma.org.

Thank you so much for your support during this unprecedented time!