What Your Gift Provides

The Joseph Bostic Memorial Scholarship Fund is a need-based financial-aid program designed to support student-athletes participating in the DME at SJNA basketball program, with the intent to elevate the program’s prominence and attract high level student-athletes who embody high standards of athletics, character, academic achievement, and leadership.

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Who was Joe Bostic?

A pioneer and philanthropist, Bostic spent money out of his own pocket to help send young men from tough backgrounds in New York to earn a quality education at St. John's Northwestern Academies and compete athletically.

Yet for Bostic, it wasn't about the sports or the school. "St. John's Northwestern has the heritage and tradition," said Bostic. "It's not just a case of finding a school for a child, it's about finding a place to form a better life."

Bostic's generosity helped send a host of players to St. John's Northwestern, which prepared for their next steps, and propelled them on to strong college and professional programs, but his humanitarian efforts extended well beyond athletic competition as he even housed, clothed, and mentored young men who were not able to make the trip from New York to Delafield.

Your Gift Will Impact A Student in Need

The Joseph Bostic Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide student-athletes in need with not only financial assistance, but also provide mentorship opportunities and a clear pathway towards academic success and community involvement. Should the student-athlete remain in good standing as outlined by the agreement, they will continue to be recognized and supported through The Joseph Bostic Memorial Scholarship Fund through the duration of their final academic year with the DME at SJNA basketball program.

Forging New Leaders

Your gift will help DME at SJNA create new leaders in our communities, athletics, and businesses. Qualified students will maintain high academic standards, and strong standing behaviorally in the classroom and the court of competition.

Scholarship recipients will carry on the proud SJNA and DME names and complete a minimum of 50 hours of community service to give back, and honor the Joe Bostic Memorial Scholarship Fund.

DME at SJNA Athletic Academy

New in 2023-24, St. John's Northwestern: DME Basketball Academy is your pathway to the pros, and the 2023 NBA Draft on June 22 held in Brooklyn, New York was a seminal night for the new partnership.

With two draft picks in quick succession, and the top-five pick of Keegan Murray in 2022, the partnership announced itself as a hub for top talent, and laid a clear pathway to the highest levels of the game for the next generation of DME at SJNA student-athletes

Brandin Podziemski

SJNA '21 | Round 1 Pick 19 | Golden State Warriors

the Murray Twins - DME '20

Keegan | 2022 Round 1 Pick 4 | Sacramento Kings

Kris | 2023 Round 1 Pick 23 | Portland Trailblazers

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