Young Leaders of St.Johns


When we say “Leadership Lives Here,” we mean it

From their first day on campus, students at St. John’s Northwestern live, learn and practice leadership. Through classroom study, extracurricular activities, enrichment experiences and the very structure of daily life, students come to recognize that leadership takes many forms. They build confidence in their own style while developing the skills to collaborate with others. They gain the courage to make a difference for themselves, for their families and community, for the world.

Step 1: Learn to lead yourself

Organization, focus and personal accountability can be learned—and must be learned if a student is to be ready for college and the workplace. St. John’s Northwestern students in both the Military Academy and Prefect Academy begin with lessons in self-mastery, as well as the concept of service before self.

Students working in class

Grow through education and experience

Students have countless opportunities to apply their leadership lessons throughout their time at St. John’s Northwestern. In the classroom, on the athletic field, and in their chosen pursuits, students grow in confidence, capabilities and compassion.


Lead and inspire others

Campus leadership responsibilities mirror those of college and the workplace.

  • The Prefect Academy is organized with a prefect-style model of student self-governance. Prefects accept the responsibility of assisting and guiding other students in the classroom, in the residence halls, and in group activities.
  • The Military Academy follows a classic military structure, offering cadets the opportunity to advance in rank as their leadership skills mature. Cadets focus on personal accountability and take on increasing responsibilities for inspiring and guiding others.
  • The Student Council, formed with Prefect Academy preps and Military Academy cadet counterparts, works for the common good of the school.
Students sitting in auditorium

Live as a leader

Graduates take their abilities into the world with motivation and pride. For the rest of their lives, they’ll remember what they learned at St. John’s Northwestern—and wherever they go, they can say that Leadership Lives Here.