A Youthful OBAA Board Takes the Helm for Alumni at St. John’s Northwestern Academies

DELAFIELD, Wis., June 15, 2021 – St. John’s Northwestern Academies’ Old Boy Alumni Association (OBAA) held elections for their Executive Board over Commencement and Reunion Weekend on Friday, May 28, 2021. Three newly elected officials will be joining the Executive Board for the next term: Cory Byrnes ’09 as 1st Vice-President, Kyle Popek ’00 as Secretary, and Michael Hoover S’71 as President. They are greeted by current members John Bartizal S’86 who serves as the 2nd Vice-President and David Zirngbil ’02 who serves as Treasurer.

“The new Executive Board of the OBAA is looking forward to representing the alumni of SJNA and striving to keep everyone connected to our alma mater,” stated Michael Hoover. “We look to address a few areas which have received much attention in recent months but the first step is to revitalize the OBAA. I’m excited to say that this is the youngest Executive Board the OBAA has ever elected.”

Beyond the normal business of the OBAA, Hoover recognizes that the team will have to address areas of inclusion as a changing demographic landscape of St. John’s Northwestern Academies evolves. In 2018, the long-time all-male Academy admitted females with the first female alumnae joining their ranks in May 2019. Additionally, the advent of the new Leadership Academy in 2020 has produced its first group of alumni in May 2021. “We will do our best to achieve a board that is as diverse as possible and provides an accurate representation of our alumni population,” said Hoover. “Communication will be key moving forward. It is our goal to assist our beloved Academies while strengthening our relationships with our alumni-base.”

Founded in 1884, St. John’s Northwestern Academies develops young men and women inspired to become responsible citizens and moral and ethical leaders for the global community. For more information, visit www.sjnacademies.org.


Stephen Matz
Dean of Advancement
Office: (262) 646-7184