Cadet Spotlight: Allison Belt Becomes SJNA’s First Female Ultimate Raider

DELAFIELD, Wis. – This past weekend (Sept. 30), the St. John’s Northwestern Academies Raider team competed at the Ozark Raider Challenge Meet, and Cadet Allison Belt provided a historic first and completed a storybook debut.

Allison made her mark and became the first female cadet from St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy to compete in a Raider Challenge Meet.

Unsatisfied with simply competing, Belt made her debut even more special by emerging triumphant against the fierce competition and seizing first-place in the Female Ultimate Raider Event!

“It is amazing to see the results from all of Allison’s hard work,” said SFC Michael Trione, one of her Raider coaches. “You are either unprepared or prepared, and she is prepared. Her efforts equal her results. Raider Up!”

With her dedication, passion, and resilience, Allison has now set a new standard by becoming SJNA’s first-ever Female Ultimate Raider.

Her accomplishments showcase the boundless potential within every cadet at SJNA. Allison, you’ve blazed a trail and inspired us all. Congratulations on your outstanding achievements, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

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