Only St. John’s Northwestern offers two models of leader development

Our prestigious academies for grades 6-12 build on a century of proven methods and philosophies, with continuing innovation to best serve today’s students. We are the only college preparatory boarding and day school offering two leader development models.

Compare the Military and Prefect Academies

Military AcademyPrefect Academy
College Preparatory Academic ProgramSame for bothSame for both
Athletics ProgramSame for bothSame for both
Spiritual & Character Development ProgramSame for bothSame for both
Leadership Curriculum & StructureArmy JROTCLeader Development Program
Music and ExtracurricularsSame for bothSame for both
UniformsMilitary-style uniformsTraditional college-prep uniforms
Resident LifeHoused separately by gender and academyHoused separately by gender and academy
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Students from both academies learn together

Military Academy cadets and Prefect Academy preps use the same campus areas, share many of the same classes, and participate together in athletics and extracurricular activities. Witnessing different approaches to learning inspires all students to think and act with greater empathy and understanding.

Group of students excercising

Both academies emphasize our four foundational pillars

St. John’s Northwestern shapes young men and women through our emphasis on the four pillars of academics, athletics and wellness, leader development, and spiritual and character growth. These pillars are the foundation of every class, every extracurricular, and everyday life.

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Each academy has its own appearance and approach

Military Academy cadets wear the specified military-style uniform, while Prefect Academy preps wear a traditional college-preparatory uniform. The Military Academy is structured around the Army JROTC program. The Prefect Academy is structured around the British Prefectoral System dating back to the 14th century. This system stresses leader development through student self-governance. Residence halls are separated by gender as well as academy.

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Both academies build strength, responsibility and pride

Admissions requirements are the same for both academies, as are our expectations that students will continually improve their personal best. Our comprehensive leader development curriculum and culture of meritocracy are built into both academies. It’s also part of every aspect of life at St. John’s Northwestern. Our Military Academy cadets and Prefect Academy preps alike grow in their abilities to learn, lead and excel.