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This is you: Influential. Perceptive. Prominent.

See how your talents and passions fit into an ever-changing global workforce. The Prefects combine four years of college preparatory courses and coaching with innovative, experiential learning to prepare you as a true global citizen. Join a diverse group of peers to advance your capabilities and learn to lead from the inside out.

Achieve Your Best

The Prefect program offers individualized instruction, with the opportunity for advanced placement and dual-credit courses. Our model is based on student self-governance, with ample opportunities to grow as leaders. By developing intelligence, talents and passions in the classroom, on the athletic field, or through the arts, Prefect Leadership Academy preps build the skills and character traits needed to serve as influential citizens in a global community, succeeding in today’s workforce and creating a better future for themselves and others.

Above & Beyond

Explore a few of the key offerings of the our Leadership Academy, or if you're ready, take the next step and apply today to challenge yourself to grow.

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Achieve Your Best

Along with the four foundational pillars of St. John’s Northwestern education, Prefect Academy values are based on four principles.

Character: Explore moral knowing, moral feelings, and moral actions

Leading self: Know the importance of a proactive mindset, personal mastery and continuous learning

Leading others: Understand the power of influence and relationships, and the difference between individual and group learning

Leading to serve: Connect all you’ve learned to serve for a higher purpose, bringing about change as you give back and pay forward


College & Beyond

Attending SJNA will set your child on the runway to success, our hands-on approach to learning helped the class of 2023 receive over $4 million in college scholarships. Academically, SJNA is a leader in one-of-a-kind experiences. The Engineering Robotics & Aviation (ERA) program stands alone, and our 10-1 student to teacher ratio ensures an intimate learning experience. SJNA gives students the opportunity to earn their private pilots license, engage in top-level robotics and cyber-security programs and a first of its kind drone program.

Our proprietary leadership program prepares students to lead themselves and others and graduates leave SJNA armed with all they need to become the leaders in the next generation workplace.

Prefect FAQs

High-level differences start within our leader development curriculum. The Prefect program does not include Army JROTC classes. Instead, we use a 14th century British Prefectoral System of student self governance that provides extensive leadership experience. Prefect Academy students also wear a college-preparatory style uniform and live in residence halls for that Academy.

Absolutely not! Our leader development curriculum challenges every student through experiential learning to achieve their full potential.

Yes, every day. Prefect Academy preps and Military Academy cadets share a common campus, attend the same classes, and participate together in athletics and activities.

Yes. St. John’s Northwestern has zero tolerance for bullying, drugs and alcohol. We’re dedicated to making every student feel welcome and secure, and provide the necessary structure and supervision. As in any family, students learn to resolve differences. And they develop the bond of going through experiences together, helping each other succeed.

You may be surprised at what’s possible. Our enrollment staff helps you explore financial aid options, including merit-based and need-based assistance as well as loans from preferred vendors. Talk with us!

St. John’s Northwestern is a nonprofit organization and receives no federal or state funding. We rely solely on tuition and the generosity of our donors.


“At SJNA, your child is guided 24/7 by a faculty personally committed, as a point of pride, to engendering academically prepared graduates with a mastery of life skills that will help them achieve personal fulfillment and professional success, in other words, a happy life."

Allyson | Mother of a 21’ Graduate