Taking Flight: Braunschweig Completes First Solo Flight

DELAFIELD, Wi. – On March 2, St. John’s Northwestern Academies student William Braunschweig completed his first solo flight from Watertown Municipal Airport.

Braunschweig, a 1st Lieutenant in Battalion S-2, took to the skies as part of the Academy’s Engineering, Robotics & Aviation program, which allows SJNA students to earn their private pilot’s license while attending the school.

“I was excited and a little nervous…” said Braunschweig. Despite his feelings, William completed the flight with a safe landing and passed his final assessment with flying colors.

SJNA’s aviation program, guided by Roger Allen, also recently added a state-of-the-art flight simulator which allows our students a unique head start on advancing in the aviation field.

Learn more about our Aviation program and the cutting-edge advances of the Engineering, Robotics & Aviation program visit: sjnacademies.org/access-to-the-future

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