Cat Chat | Episode 2

Welcome back to a special series from St. John’s Northwestern Academies – “Cat Chat” with our incredible college and career guidance counselor Catherine Lewis.

This week “Cat” dives into a sneak peek of what the process of college applications and writing resumes looks like for students here at SJNA and how we prepare them for an amazing future.

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TRANSCRIPT: Hi, and welcome back to episode 2 of Cat Chat, a program where you get to chat with me, Cat, the college and career counselor here at St. John’s Northwestern Academies. This week, I just wanted to provide a little bit of insight into what makes our college counseling program so unique. It starts at the middle school level and goes all the way up to the senior year when our seniors are ready to start applying for colleges.

One of my favorite parts of our college program is our college and career planning class that I get to teach to juniors and seniors. We do everything from self exploration and personality type assessment to filling out the actual college application and writing essays. We then do a little bit of career exploration, and they get to do things like researching salaries, job opportunities, writing resumes, and more.

Behind me, you can actually see some of our students work as they were navigating their way through the Myers Briggs personality assessment. It just gives them a really good foundation of if they’re not sure what they want to do, what they’re interested in, even what their strengths or maybe their weaknesses are, we can start using some of these personality assessments to really try to find the best not only work environment, but also possible majors.

That’s all I have for today please tune in next week

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