Cat Chat | Episode 5 – Campus Visit

“Cat Chat” is back! This time our College & Career Counselor Catherine Lewis is joined by two students who were recently on one of our trips to tour a local college.

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TRANSCRIPT: CAT: Hi and welcome to Cat Chat, a program where you get to chat with me, Cat, the college and career counselor here at St. John’s Northwestern. Earlier this month, I took a group of students up to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for a full campus tour. I sat down with those students to figure out what they liked most about getting off the St. John’s campus to get on to a university campus.

SEAN FENG: On my recent college trip, I went to Oshkosh and I explored the campus, dorms, the cafeteria and all the extra buildings they have and learned about classes, financial aid, what daily life would look like, and what the college experience is mainly about.

ANTONIO ALVIM: It’s a good way, you know, to get out of campus and have some fun with my friends as well. Actually going there, hearing from the people that work there, seeing the students, it’s different. Like, you can feel how the campus feel when you live there. You go to the dorms, you actually, take a look at some stuff that you can’t get just from looking at the website. Like, going out there makes such a difference.

SEAN FENG: I think it’s a really good benefit for when the school provides a trip to college and explore and like take a look at what life is, what daily looks like and kind of like where you’ll be living, how much different or how much similar it is compared to St. John’s. It helps me a lot more because then I see a thing, a lot of things, and then it will be like a St. John’s like classes, I won’t have to be as behind as I would be in public school and they provide transportation. This is a huge benefit towards everyone here and all the students because you get to see what college looks like.

ANTONIO ALVIM: Without like someone to actually like push me to check on the sites and check on the deadlines. I don’t think I would like do it myself and just go out there on my own will. I think having a college counselor here to push me to do this kind of stuff and present me. I think it’s like a really big difference.

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