St. John’s Northwestern Academies Names Mrs. Lindsey Lopez as 6th Grade Teacher to Enhance Middle School Faculty

DELAFIELD, Wis., March 17, 2022 –St. John’s Northwestern Academies (SJNA) announced that the 2022-2023 academic year will mark a new beginning. SJNA’s Middle School Academy, currently composed of seventh and eighth graders, will be expanding to include a sixth grade!  This will allow the Academies to host a full middle school, creating a broader scope of development opportunities for students to maximize their potential.

Mrs. Lindsey Lopez, who has been named as the sixth-grade teacher, stated, “I am so excited to be a part of the sixth grade at St. John’s Northwestern Academies! My passion is teaching middle schoolers. It is an age of learning responsibility, the exploration of interests, and the formation of the person they will become. I am honored to join them on this journey.”

Middle School Dean, Jon Pickelmann reports, “After twenty years in education, including ten years in school administration, this is the most exciting milestone I have ever been a part of! What an honor and blessing to be a part of such a foundational piece for the future of our beloved Academies.”

The 6th-8th grade Middle Schoolers, comprised of both Prefect and Military students, will attend classes together on a special floor dedicated exclusively for the Middle School Academy in Stangeland Hall. Pickelmann added, “SJNA provides a structured, nurturing environment that empowers our students to really focus on what’s important.”

All Middle School Academy students will study English, mathematics, science, history, physical education, leader development, and an elective in fine arts, foreign language, or technology. Self-awareness, empathy, teamwork, and responsible decision-making are just some of the main themes of our proprietary middle school curriculum. Project-based learning, and local field trips will play a significant role in increasing interest and engagement for the middle school experience.

St. John’s Northwestern Middle School Academy educates and transforms boys and girls through sound educational practices to be relevant and inclusive learners, and develops their knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to succeed in high school while preparing them to be responsible citizens. For more information, visit


Stephen Matz
Dean of Advancement
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