St. John’s Northwestern Academies Spiritual Life

Spiritual & Character Development

Service Before Self

As one of the Academy’s four pillars, the spiritual and character development program,¬†built on an Episcopal foundation of its founder Rev. Sidney Smythe, is designed to help cadets explore their beliefs.* It is our assertion that “belief” shapes “behavior.” Consequently, the formation of our beliefs has a critical impact on both our values and how we live our lives. Students are given opportunity to explore issues of faith through weekly worship services, one-on-one pastoral care and optional spiritual life groups.

Character is not genetic, it is learned behavior; and good character is essential to good leadership. Therefore, St. John’s Northwestern Academies is also committed to providing a culture, community and atmosphere where good character is valued, recognized and rewarded. To this end, character issues are explored and discussed during small group meetings, and an attitude of service is promoted through our extensive community service program.

*Respecting the diversity of faith backgrounds among the cadets, opportunity is also given for students to do this through their own faith tradition at the local mosque or synagogue.

Community Service

Learn about how our cadets give back to the community

Noble Victory Memorial Chapel

Learn about the history of the chapel at St. John’s Northwestern Academies

The Columbarium

Learn about the memorial niches, Wall of Honor and more.
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