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We believe character is learned behavior, shaped by beliefs

Spiritual and character development at St. John’s Northwestern is built on our Episcopalian roots and extends to respect every student’s faith tradition. We help students articulate what they believe and why they believe it, because that knowledge empowers them to lead a life of purpose and service.

Student in chapel

Strengthening heart and soul, mind and body

Spiritual and character development is one of the four pillars at the foundation of St. John’s Northwestern education. Along with academics, leadership growth, and athletics and wellness, it promotes wholeness in all areas of life.

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Opportunities to practice and grow in faith

Students can explore issues of faith through weekly worship services, one-on-one pastoral care and optional spiritual life groups. They can also attend services of their faith tradition off campus.

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Connecting character with leadership

St. John’s Northwestern values good character, because it’s essential to good leadership. Character issues are explored in academic courses, discussed in small group meetings, taught through leadership curriculum and activities, and formed through our extensive community service program.