Students folding U.S. flag


Real-world volunteer service opens new vistas

Students learn the value of service before self through hands-on volunteer work in the local community and around the world. They get off campus and get out of their comfort zone, gaining new perspectives as they give their time and talent.

Students volunteering

Weekend volunteers find ample reward

Though weekend free time is precious, St. John’s Northwestern students willingly head out into the community to serve food to the homeless, help at charity fundraisers, and lend a hand where one is needed. Community service introduces students to a different environment where they can see their own power to make a difference. Many students find this so rewarding that they accumulate hundreds of hours of community service.

Students cleaning river

Courses include service opportunities

As part of our experiential learning approach, many courses at St. John’s Northwestern build in service learning. For example, students may participate in the Water Action Volunteer program as part of a science class.

Global Service Learning ties it all together

Our Global Service Learning program is a multidisciplinary course that can include content from social studies, religious studies, and the JROTC service learning model. The course culminates in a mission trip where students experience a new environment while volunteering in locations such as Haiti and Costa Rica.