Day School

Full and Equal Participation

As full members of the student body, St. John’s Northwestern day students partake in all leadership, character, athletic and academic programs except for those specific to resident life. There is no “fear of missing out” for day students!

Students playing drums

A day filled with opportunities

Day students arrive before classes begin and may have breakfast in the Dining Hall. They typically leave campus after the day’s athletic practices or other school functions. Day students are required to attend weekend and evening functions that are mandatory for all Military Academy cadets and Prefect Academy preps.

Friends walking

Friendships for life

Day students at St. John’s Northwestern forge lasting friendships with students from all backgrounds, through classroom activities as well as after-school clubs and social opportunities. You become part of the proud alumni network, with connections all over the world.

Student getting out of car

Commuting to campus

St. John’s Northwestern is conveniently located five minutes from Interstate Highway 94 and 10 minutes from Wisconsin State Highway16. Designated parking is available for students who commute.