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Students Discover Their Strengths and The World

SJNA gives your student real-life skills that transfer to college, the workplace, and into the world. Our culture of leadership empowers St. John’s Northwestern students to develop their unique strengths and take ownership of their life.

At SJNA, your child is guided 24/7 by a faculty personally committed, as a point of pride, to engendering academically prepared graduates with a mastery of life skills that will help them achieve personal fulfillment and professional success, in other words, a happy life.

Allyson | Mother of a 21’ Graduate

Parents and Students Celebrate Tradition

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Students who feel they’re not getting enough attention or guidance at their current school, or who believe they’re ready for more rigorous challenges, discover a new sense of purpose at St. John’s Northwestern. They feel proud to be part of a prestigious program—and proud of their academic, athletic and leadership progress.

Our graduates and their families credit SJNA with giving them the tools by which they were able to achieve personal and professional success. Along with a strong emphasis on academics, SJNA also focuses on teaching students soft skills, both inside and outside the classroom, such as an ability to foster harmonious interpersonal relationships, effective communication, problem-solving, and a lifestyle that promotes mental and physical well-being. The faculty at SJNA are experts in developing these soft skills. Their leadership style transforms a diverse range of young adults, most of whom have never met before into confident and capable teammates who know how to alternatively support an lead each other in overcoming mentally and physically demanding obstacles.

Education and Culture Foster Strengths

St. John’s Northwestern stands out from other schools with a smaller, highly engaged community that offers more interaction between students and faculty. By emphasizing a culture of leadership—first of self, then of others—in everything we do, we give our students the strengths that help them stand out, too, whether in applying for college, succeeding in the workplace or relating well to others.

Our unique global population and diverse community is made from students all across the United States and the world. Students represent nearly every state in the US, and countries reaching as far as Mexico, China, Australia, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Mongolia, Guatemala.

Proud Alumni Provide a Committed, Global Network

When you meet a fellow graduate, there’s an instant bond: you both understand all that the St. John’s Northwestern experience means. Our community extends beyond our campus and well beyond the years that students spend here. Alumni return to campus to enjoy reconnecting at annual class reunions. Local alumni gatherings are also held all over the world.