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This is where boys and girls transform to strong, responsible young adults

St. John’s Northwestern is the boarding and day school you’ve been looking for, with the values that matter to you. From the very beginning, we’ve helped our students develop the habits, skills and moral purpose that lead to a lifetime of success.

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For parents: assurance and pride

  • Progressive education for grades 6-12
  • A safe, secure environment, including on-campus health care
  • Spiritual life that draws on our Episcopalian roots while respecting all faiths
  • Proven record of improving students’ academic performance and readiness for college
  • A commitment to helping young people achieve their true potential
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For students: confidence and self-mastery

  • Choice of Military Academy or Prefect Academy
  • Individual attention and guidance from dedicated faculty
  • Experiential learning, with classes and activities not available elsewhere
  • A wide range of varsity and intramural athletics, clubs, service and social opportunities
  • Camaraderie and community, as you and your classmates tackle challenges together
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For everyone: a history rich in tradition

Our school is rooted in two of the nation’s most prestigious military boarding schools. In 1884, The Rev. Sidney Smythe founded St. John’s Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin. For 39 years he inspired, guided, and instilled the pride that prevails on our campus today. The Beacon, a campus landmark, was erected in 1923 after Rev. Smythe’s death. Built from field stones collected by cadets, it features his four sayings: “Don’t be a mollycoddle,” “Play the game,” “The game’s not over ‘til the whistle blows,” and “Carry on.”

Col. Harlan Page Davidson founded Northwestern Military & Naval Academy in Highland Park, Illinois, in 1888. After two devastating campus fires, Colonel Davidson rebuilt his school in stone on the shores of Lake Geneva in southern Wisconsin.

In 1995, the schools merged to become St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield. In 2018, we became coed, and a year later added the non-military Leadership Academy. Today our parent school is known as St. John’s Northwestern Academies, comprising St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, St. John’s Northwestern Prefect Academy, and St. John’s Northwestern Summer Academy.

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Grades 6-12

St. John’s Northwestern offers courses of study for middle schoolers and high schoolers.