Notable Alumni

St. John’s Northwestern Academies has a long list of notable alumni reaching all the way back in the school’s history.

Daniel Gerber S1916

Founder and president of Gerber Baby Foods

Lt. Gen. Edward A. Craig S1917

U.S. Marine Corps commanding officer of combat units during World War II and the Korean War

George Kennan S1922

U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Yugoslavia; assisted in the development of the Marshall Plan for reconstruction of Europe after World War II

George Wilson S1933

Professional football player with the NFL Chicago Bears for 11 years, member of the National Football league Hall of Fame as a championship coach for the NFL Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins

Carl Thomsen N1934

Former CEO of Texas Instruments

Curtis Roosevelt N1948

Grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. delegate to the United Nations

Albert Graf N1966

Founder and CEO of Guidant Corp

Martin Torrijos S1981

Former President of Panama 2004-2009

Adam Rapp S1986

Novelist, playwright, filmmaker, director and musician

Jonathan Woods 2001

Executive producer at TIME

Ari Megalis 2000 and Paul Megalis 2005

Co-Founders of Maplewood Brewery & Distillery