Cat Chat | Episode 6 – College Decision Day

Welcome back to Cat Chat! This week’s episode highlights College Decision Day and a number of schools our students have already committed to!

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TRANSCRIPT: CAT: Hi, welcome back to Cat Chat, a program where you get to chat with me, Cat, the College and Career Counselor here at St. John’s. First, I wanted to wish everyone a happy National College Decision Day. That’s right, today is the enrollment deadline that most of our seniors are meeting to commit to their school of choice for Fall 2024.

This is a really exciting time, and to celebrate, I thought I would read to you guys a few of the colleges that our students have committed to so far. We have the University of Notre Dame, Tech de Monterey, the Virginia Commonwealth University, Iberra, the University of Wisconsin Madison, Xavier University, Cal Poly, Norwich University, St.

Edward’s University, MSOE, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Kent State University, Texas Tech, the University of Miami, Universidad Anahuac, Northeastern University, Lynn University, Southern Illinois University. The University of Michigan, Emory Brittle, Lewis University, Universidad Panamericana, The Ohio State University, Emory Henry College, Florida Gulf Coast University, E TESO, and that’s just to name a few.

A reminder that the deadline to enroll for college is April 1st. So seniors, I hope that you’re taking this decision seriously and you’re making the best choice possible for your future. Congratulations on making it to this point so far, and we are so excited to see where you decide to enroll in the fall. Thank you.

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