Military Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to join the military after St. John’s Northwestern?

No. Attending our Military Academy does not mean you’re required to participate in the military after graduation. While many St. John’s Northwestern graduates are admitted to the five military service academies, most advance to the colleges, universities, and professional schools of their choice.

If I am interested in a military career, is attending St. John’s Northwestern a good step?

Absolutely! Our goal is to give all students the tools they need to pursue their chosen path. For those interested in attending the military service academies, our preparation stands out. For seven years running, St. John’s Northwestern has held the record for the most West Point appointments. Our JROTC program achieved a perfect score—almost unheard-of among military academies.

Is military school for troubled students?

We seek students of good character who are ready to be challenged to achieve their best. Many of our students feel “lost in the shuffle” at their current school, or are looking for a structure that helps them realize their full potential. At St. John’s Northwestern, cadets are accountable to each other and feel ownership in the school as well as their personal path.

Is this a safe environment?

Yes. St. John’s Northwestern has zero tolerance for bullying, drugs and alcohol. We’re dedicated to making every student feel welcome and secure, and provide the necessary structure and supervision. As in any family, students learn to resolve differences. And they develop the bond of going through experiences together, helping each other succeed.

Is a St. John’s Northwestern education affordable?

You may be surprised at what’s possible. Our enrollment staff helps you explore financial aid options, including merit-based and need-based assistance as well as loans from preferred vendors. Talk with us!

St. John’s Northwestern is a nonprofit organization and receives no federal or state funding. We rely solely on tuition and the generosity of our donors.