Discover the thrill of winning—together

Military teams at St. John’s Northwestern offer cadets intense challenges, thrilling victories, and the personal satisfaction of being a valued team member. Through Raiders and Silver Rifles Drill teams, students discover they’re capable of more than they ever thought possible, a lesson they remember for the rest of their life.

Silver Rifles

Raiders Discover Physical and Mental Strength

What is a Raider? Our JROTC athletes prepare throughout the academic year for the yearly Raider Competition – the junior equivalent of the Army ROTC Ranger competition. These outdoor events are usually held in various terrains, including waterways, wooded parks and densely wooded parks, and include personal fitness/individual strength tests (push-ups, curl-ups, tire drags, an obstacle course), distance team running event, obstacle course, rescue/first aid event, rope bridge construction, land navigation, and more. Raiders must be physically fit and determined to succeed, as these events require physical and mental endurance. The Raider unit focuses on achieving superior levels of physical fitness, teamwork and camaraderie along with winning proficiency in military-related skills. Training incorporates physical fitness events focused on the Army’s manual, as well as events such as testing, marksmanship, rappelling and orienteering. Cadets who earn a spot on the Raider Challenge Team compete throughout the country at Raider Challenge competitions.

Raider Wall Climb Challenge – Nationals 2022

“Before I came here, I didn’t believe I could do many things… But St. John’s Northwestern changed how I thought and acted in my daily life, and in my opinion, what made me mentally stronger was Raiders.”

Fernando Morales | 2021

Silver Rifles Drill Team Personifies Spirit and Discipline

Silver rifles

The Silver Rifles are known as one of the finest drill teams in America. The team participates in ceremonies and special events at St. John’s Northwestern that require a display of military precision.

The team also competes in national tournaments, with victories including the Army JROTC National Championship, the American Legion Coca-Cola National JROTC All Service Drill Championship, and the Citadel Bulldog Classic Drill Meet.

“Silver Rifles isn’t just people doing cool and sharp movements and then receiving praise from the audience. It is an indomitable spirit.”

Cadet Junkang Wu | 2020
Silver Rifles Drill Team – Nationals 2019

Become a Raider at SJNA!

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 Summer Raider School. If you are interested in becoming a raider or attending SJNA, this is an excellent opportunity for you to experience what our military teams and campus has to offer. Apply today!