Military Academy Students

Structure and Support for Success

Proven model provides a strong foundation

The military model is a winning formula for intellectual, physical and character development. Feedback and reinforcement from adult mentors, paired with recognition for effort, helps young people set goals and overcome obstacles.

Military Academy badge


Moving through the ranks

Cadets wear the required military-style uniform and focus on personal accountability, taking on increasing responsibilities for leading others. Awards and promotions in rank help cadets hit their own targets for academic achievement and advancement.

JROTC principles

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy incorporates the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps curriculum, which perfectly complements our leadership development focus. Cadets learn the values of citizenship and service while building confidence and compassion.

Freedom to choose

Attending our Military Academy does not mean you’re required to join the military after graduation. While many St. John’s Northwestern graduates are admitted to the five military service academies, most advance to the colleges, universities, and professional schools of their choice.