Innovative approach draws on proven techniques

The St. John’s Northwestern Prefect Academy is a one-of-a-kind program that builds on research in transformational, adaptive, and servant leadership. Side-by-side with our Military Academy, the Prefect Academy teaches students to lead from the inside out.


Prefect-style model

The Prefect Academy is organized on a model of student self-governance with a focus on leadership experiences. Preps in the Prefect Academy accept the responsibility of assisting and guiding other students in the classroom, in the residence halls, and in group activities.

Hands-on learning

The curriculum focuses on character-based leadership principles along with experiential learning in a student-led model. Small class sizes allow for greater teacher and student interaction and a recognition of each student’s learning style.

Global vision

By developing intelligence, talents and passions in the classroom, on the athletic field, or through the arts, Prefect Academy preps build the skills and character traits needed to serve as influential citizens in a global community, succeeding in today’s workforce and creating a better future for themselves and others.