Prefect Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Prefect Academy different from the Military Academy?

High-level differences start within our leader development curriculum. The Prefect Academy does not include Army JROTC classes. Instead, we use a 14th century British Prefectoral System of student self governance that provides extensive leadership experience. Prefect Academy students also wear a college-preparatory style uniform and live in residence halls for that Academy.

Is the Prefect Academy less challenging than the Military Academy?

Absolutely not! Our leader development curriculum challenges every student through experiential learning to achieve their full potential.

Do Prefect preps interact with Military cadets?

Yes, every day. Prefect Academy preps and Military Academy cadets share a common campus, attend the same classes, and participate together in athletics and activities.

Is this a safe environment?

Yes. St. John’s Northwestern has zero tolerance for bullying, drugs and alcohol. We are dedicated to providing every student with a safe, secure, and satisfying environment in which to live and grow. Students learn to resolve differences by working through conflict situations with the help of mentoring adults.

Is a St. John’s Northwestern education affordable?

You may be surprised at what’s possible. Our enrollment staff helps you explore financial aid options, including merit-based and need-based assistance as well as loans from preferred vendors. Talk with us!