English Department

Building Communication Competence For a Modern World

The SJNA English Department is dedicated to helping students make an argument and defend it with evidence. We guide students through every step of the academic research process. We help them identify valid sources, develop arguments, and properly cite their references. At the same time, we inspire students through the masterpieces of American, European, and World Literature. Your child’s journey to mastery of modern communication strategies begins here.

World-Class Instruction in English and Literature

Our English department faculty members are truly outstanding. Many hold multiple subject area certifications, and six of the eight teach in other departments in addition to English. Several also hold advanced degrees, including two doctorates.  Combined, they have over a century of experience and have walked the halls of elite institutions in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Madison. Your child will study under first-class educators at SJNA and be fully prepared

Create Your Own Adventure:

At many public and private schools, the English curriculum is a single path of English I-IV. At SJNA, there are multiple paths students can take to earn the four English credits required for graduation.

  • Do you have a passion for the Great American novel? Check out our options for American Literature.
  • Do you want to dive deep into classics like Dante’s Inferno and 1984? Take European Lit.
  • Do you want to explore your own stories and battle the empty page? Take Creative Writing.
  • Do you have a passion for journalism or perhaps you want to become a news anchor? Check out Media Studies.
  • Looking to boost your GPA by taking Honors-level courses? We offer multiple Honors English classes and you can take them as early as freshman year.
  • Want to start your college journey early? As an elite college preparatory institution, we provide students with opportunities to earn college credits through AP and Dual Enrollment options right here on campus.

A Path to Extraordinary Education

English is an essential course for all learners at the middle and high school levels. Under the watchful eye of our experienced staff, our students master the foundational skills of the English language, better understand history and cultures through literary analysis, develop their skills as writers, hone their ability to conduct scholastic research, expand their vocabulary and grammatical abilities, and more.

Middle School – Our 7th and 8th grade students receive individualized attention and creative lessons that inspire them to dream big. Middle school English students grow the roots they need for the future and the wings they need to soar. Click HERE to read more about our middle school.

Support for English Language Learners – SJNA students come from countries all over the world. Our ESL students are an essential part of our English department, and we provide individualized small class instruction for them to build their English language skills. Click HERE to learn more about our great ESL program.

Learn Outside of the Classroom– Opportunities exist for our students to expand their skills (and have some fun) outside of the school day. With clubs like Speech & Debate, the Poetry Slam Club, and the Charles King Society, students can interact with peers, make new friends, and discover hidden talents. Students in Media Studies have the opportunity to pursue stories and produce news broadcasts.

English Department Course Selections

Middle School

7th Grade English and Language Arts

8th Grade English and Language Arts

Standard College Prep

English 9

English 10

Advanced Composition

Creative Writing

European Literature

American Literature

Honors and AP

English 9 Honors

English 10 Honors

American Literature Honors

World Literature Honors

AP Language and Composition

Dual Enrollment College Credit

College English

See Our Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions

Course Pathways

Graduation Requirements

College Prep DiplomaHumanities Honors DiplomaSTEM Honors Diploma
4 English Credits4 English Credits (2 Credits at Honors level)4 English Credit
Required: English 9 and 10Required: English 9 and 10Required: English 9 and 10