General Electives

Explore The Broad World Of Academia

At SJNA, our students have a wide variety of courses to fill their academic schedules that are outside the realm of required curriculum. Students can choose from various fields to explore and often find avenues of interest that demonstrate their scholastic and post-secondary strengths, interests, and talents.


Discover New Interests and Skills

Electives are courses that count towards credits for graduation, but are not requirements in any specific department or subject area. At SJNA, we utilize electives as academic learning opportunities to provide our students with well-rounded education and to expand their experiences both in and outside of the classroom. Our electives give students the chance to pursue interests that may not fall within specific core course curriculums. These are designed to be

Elective Course Objectives:

1. Explore topics and ideas not found in regular core classes or curriculum

2. Study specific subject areas in greater depth

3. Learn new skills while exploring potential career paths

4. Help students discover their passions and narrow down subjects they may want to pursue in college

5. Provide opportunities for students to delve into personal interests they wish to learn more about

6. Allow students to earn certifications for employment or strengthen their professional and academic resumes

Elective Course Selections

From standardized test prep to becoming a reporter for the Lancer’s News Network or taking college-level Business classes, SJNA offers over a dozen electives every year for our students to fill their schedules with fun, interesting, and challenging courses. Please note that some courses will require additional fees to cover materials, transportation, or tuition to the colleges or training facilities – contact the Academic Office for any applicable fees associated with your student’s elective courses.

2022-2023 Elective Offerings

Aviation (Private Pilot License)

College & Career Planning

College Study Prep

Coaching and Officiating

Emergency Medical Technician (State EMT Certification)

Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture

Introduction to Russian Language and Culture

Introduction to Media Studies

Personal Finance

Study Skills

Small Engine/Automotive (Trade Skills 1)

Fabrication/Construction (Trade Skills 2)

ACT Test Preparation

Dual Credit College Course: Introduction to Business*

Dual Credit College Course: Financial Literacy*

*Dual Credit College Courses
Dual credit college courses allow students to earn both high school credit (0.5 cr./semester) and college credit (credits vary). Qualified students may take college-level courses for dual credit.

See Our Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions

Students attend the Mini Business World program at Carroll University and work with students from other districts to gain a stronger understanding of what it takes to start and run a business while gaining a firmer grasp on economic and financial literacy.
Students in the Introduction to Media Studies class create the school news, called the Lancer’s News Network (LNN). Students are responsible for creating content, producing, filming, editing, and interviewing faculty and other SJNA students for each episode of LNN. New episodes are released every-other week and shared with the entire SJNA community.