Science and Technology Department

Success Found Under a Microscope

The SJNA Science and Technology Department presents science as a logical observation, identification, experimental investigation, and descriptive and theoretical explanation of naturally occurring phenomena.

Goals and Objectives

The Science and Technology Department stresses the importance of an awareness of processes, critical thinking, appreciation and logical reasoning, and understanding of the world around us by using various methods of investigation, such as observation, comparison, experimentation, and mathematical manipulation of data. Application of these principles in the natural sciences to include numerous courses in physical science, biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and STEM courses. The Science and Technology Department is also committed to the concept that science has a practical application and has to be understood in a larger cultural context. It is through the development of curiosity and inquiry that students are able to view science as an interdisciplinary study applicable to society.

Our Main Goals Include:

1. Relate scientific principles and concepts into everyday experiences.

2. To develop an appreciation for the orderliness of nature and expand each student’s curiosity into understanding the natural world.

3. To continually develop stronger critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and methods of categorization and organization.

4. Learn to work collaboratively with peers for labs and group activities.

5.  Strive for growth in Science and STEM areas in ACT/SAT and AP Tests.

Science Course Selections

Middle School

6th Grade Earth Science

7th Grade Life Science

8th Grade Physical Science

Standard College Prep




Environmental Science

Geology & Earth Systems

Space Sciences and Meteorology

Zoology Botany

Honors and AP

Biology Honors

Chemistry Honors

AP Physics 1

AP Chemistry

Dual Enrollment College Credit

College Biology

College Ecosphere in Crisis

Science Course Pathways

See Our Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions

Science Graduation Requirements

College Prep DiplomaHumanities Honors DiplomaSTEM Honors Diploma
3 Science Credits3 Science Credits3 Science Credits (1 Credit at Honors Level)
Required: Bio, Chem and PhysicsRequired: Bio, Chem and PhysicsRequired: Bio, Chem and Physics

Technology Course Selections

Engineering and Computer Science

We create an engaging classroom environment while empowering students to develop and apply in-demand, transportable skills. With courses offered in computer science and engineering, students not only master technical skills, but also learn to solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate, and collaborate. Engineering teaches students that real-world problems often have multiple solutions with many pathways to achieve success. With engaging courses like environmental sustainability, civil engineering and architecture, digital electronics, and aerospace engineering, you can empower your students to explore possibilities, experiment, learn from failure, and turn ideas into reality. Computer Science empowers students to become creators, instead of merely consumers, of the technology around them. Courses cover topics beyond coding, including app development, simulation, and cybersecurity. Throughout the courses, students collaborate to design solutions to real-world challenges, while practicing ethical reasoning. Our computer science teachers instill in-demand knowledge and skills students will use in high school and for the rest of their lives, on any career path they take.

AP Computer Science –  Python® Utilization
Principles of Engineering – Machine Building

Technology Course Selections

Middle School

PLTW: Gateway to Engineering

PLTW: Automation and Design

PLTW: Flight and Space

Standard College Prep

Computer Fundamentals

Cyber Security

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Drones – Commercial Drone License

Aviation – Private Pilot License

Honors and AP

PLTW: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

PLTW: Principles of Engineering (POE)

AP Computer Science Principles

Technology Course Pathways

See our Project Lead The Way Page (PLTW) for More Information

Technology Graduation Requirements

College Prep DiplomaHumanities Honors DiplomaSTEM Honors Diploma
1 Technology Credit1 Technology Credit2 Technology Credits