Mathematics Department

The SJNA Formula For Success

The Mathematics Department develops critical thinking and problem solving skills by applying mathematics to real world problems and to develop, strengthen, and deepen knowledge through various problems, equations, formulas, and terms.

Goals and Objectives

Through a variety of course offerings in standard, AP, Honors, and Dual Credit College-Level math courses, our Math Department collectively strives to shape our students into not only understanding content and mathematical principles, but to evolve their overall thought process and critical thinking skills across all subject areas. We create young mathematicians in every student and provide them the skills, tools, and resources necessary to strengthen inductive, deductive, and logical reasoning.

Our Main Goals are to:

1. Improve math confidence in our students

2.  Build critical thinking and problem solving skills

3.  Develop math toughness and perseverance

4.  Instill that every student can do math

5.  Strive for more growth in ACT/SAT scores

Math Course Selections

Middle School

Math 7

Pre-Algebra/Math 8

Standard College Prep

Algebra 1


Algebra 2


Honors and AP

Geometry Honors

Algebra 2 Honors

Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus Honors

Calculus Honors

AP Calculus AB

Dual Enrollment College Credit

College Statistics

College Algebra

Course Pathways

See Our Curriculum Guide for Course Descriptions

Graduation Requirements

College Prep DiplomaHumanities Honors DiplomaSTEM Honors Diploma
3 Math Credits3 Math Credits4 Math Credits (2 Credits at Honors level)
Required: Geometry and Algebra 2Required: Geometry and Algebra 2Required:Trig/Pre-Calc Honors or Calculus

Meet Our Teachers (From Left to Right)

DJ Mlachnik

Master’s Degree: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Bachelor’s Degree: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Courses Taught: Algebra 1

Chuck Miller

Master’s Degree: Concordia University

Bachelor’s Degree: Alfred University and Wright State University

Courses Taught: Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Pre-Algebra, Math 7

Charlene Williams

Bachelor’s Degree: University of Wisconsin Madison

Course Taught: Pre-Algebra and Math 7

Alicia Montgomery

Master’s Degree: Emporia State University

Bachelor’s Degree: Creighton University

Courses Taught: Geometry, College Algebra, College Statistics, AP Calculus

ACT and SAT Testing Coordinator

Tim Vice – Mathematics Department Chair

Master’s Degree: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Bachelor’s Degree: University of South Dakota

Course Taught: Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Algebra 11, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Honors Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus