Academy Outcomes

St. John’s Northwestern Academies offers a structured, supportive environment where young people are guided to look within themselves to discover their unique strengths. Our programs cultivate emerging leaders who have confidence, self-mastery and compassion, and who inspire others by their own example. Hover over one of the boxes below for more information:

Standardized Tests

The average SAT score is 1220 (Boarding School Review, 1/8/2020) and the average ACT score is 25 ( 1/8/2020)

College Counseling

Each student gets 1:1 counseling to help indentify and apply to appropriate schools

School Reviews

Boarding School Review lists St. John’s Northwestern Academies in the top 20 boarding schools for SAT scores

College Acceptance

St. John’s Northwestern Academies has a 100% college acceptance rate

Scholarship Awards

Students received an average of $17,500 in scholarship awards last year

Notable Colleges

Three 2019 graduates were admitted to West Point, with an overwhelming majority attending colleges and universities including Penn State, Ohio State, UW Madison, Syracuse, Purdue and Rutgers

I was accepted by all of my college choices and was granted an $84,000 merit scholarship. I feel I am well prepared for college thanks to my time at St. John’s Northwestern Academies.

St. John’s Northwestern Academies Senior

Notable Alumni

When you graduate from St. John’s Northwestern Academies, you follow in the well-trodden footsteps of generations of alumni who went on to become entrepreneurs, professional athletes, judges, Admirals, Generals, and CEOs.  While we can’t list them all, you may recognize some of the names listed below:

  • Ari 2000 and Paul 2005 Megalis – Co-Founders of Maplewood Brewery & Distillery
  • Jonathan Woods 2001 – Executive producer at TIME
  • Adam Rapp S1986 – Novelist, playwright, filmmaker, director and musician
  • Martin Torrijos S1981 – Former President of Panama 2004-2009
  • Albert Graf N1966 – Founder and CEO of Guidant Corp
  • Curtis Roosevelt N1948 – Grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; U.S. delegate to the United Nations
  • Daniel Rostenkowski S1946 – Illinois Democratic leader in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Carl Thomsen N1934 – Former CEO of Texas Instruments
  • George Wilson S1933 – Professional football player with the NFL Chicago Bears for 11 years; member of the National Football league Hall of Fame as a championship coach for the NFL Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins
  • George Kennan S1922 – U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Yugoslavia; assisted in the development of the Marshall Plan for reconstruction of Europe after World War II
  • Lt. Gen. Edward A. Craig S1917 – U.S. Marine Corps commanding officer of combat units during World War II and the Korean War
  • Daniel Gerber S1916 – Founder and president of Gerber Baby Foods
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